West Wolfen Sporting Goods is a Veteran owned business located in the North East of El Paso, Texas.  We are a residential business with official open times at Tue - Sat from 10am to 9pm but we are also a by appointment only business.


 West Wolfen Sporting Goods goal is to provide consumers access to services and information to promote self-defense and security.  

We occasionally have listings of stocked items on Gunsamerica and we are listed for Transfers on both Gunsamerica and Gunbroker as westwolfen.  If you are coming from Armslist West Wolfen Sporting Goods does not have any listings on it.  We will also add additional information on sites we do use when we are using them.

West Wolfen Sporting Goods is not a NFA dealer.  We do not do trades or buy used guns.  Our main supplier is Davidson's also known as Gallery of Guns.



Feel free to contact us about quotes on firearms or related products, you need our FFL to make a transfer, or if you have a question about a service.

Tel: 1-915-422-9165

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How Transfers work.

The buyer must always provide their dealers FFL information before the seller will ship out the firearm or the product that requires a dealer.


The buyer should contact their local dealer that is going to do the transfer so that they either provide the buyer with it or the buyer can provide the dealer with the sellers email or fax number along with other information about the purchase.  Sometimes the seller will contact the dealer.  Also be aware of your dealers transfer fee, the fee can vary. 

Other things to know for Texas Residents.

Texas is a same day state so no wait periods when you purchase.

Besides NFA items there are no current limitation on what you can buy.  Only a limit on how many of a item you can purchase two of the same items, rifle, pistol, etc. Is considered a multi sell that has to be reported.

For those located in El Paso, TX West Wolfen Sporting Goods transfer fee is $25 and my FFL is attached to this website.  If you can not locate it email us and we will send it to you.  Also we ask that you provide the tracking number once your firearm ships out.  The FFL link is only intended for those who wish to use our transfer services this does not mean you can go to other sites and try to sell your firearm using our FFL or other unlawful purposes.  

We also will perform peer to peer transfers.  $25 fee still applies.  For individuals outside of Texas it is recommended that you ship the firearm to us through a FFL Dealer, they may charge you a fee for their services, to reduce your liability if the firearm get lost during transport.  4473 must be filled out and proper identification is needed a NICS will be done.

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